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The Unconventional Side That Sets Chinese Food In Massachusetts Apart
Here in the U.S., we tend to put our own spin on foods from other countries from Italian food to Chinese food. In fact, Chinese American dishes like General Tso’s chicken or chop suey weren’t invented in China at all, and even among Chinese American dishes, there are unique regional variations, like the dish you'll find served at Chinese restaurants in Massachusetts.
Chinese food in Massachusetts is served with a unique side you won’t find in any other Chinese restaurants: bread rolls. Surprisingly, bread and butter are a staple starter at Massachusetts' Chinese restaurants, but more than that, Massachusetts’ regional flavors are often blended into traditional Chinese recipes, with dishes like chow mein sandwiches and lobster sauce.
This blend of cultures dates back to the 1870s when Chinese immigrants moved from San Francisco to Boston, and Chinese restaurant owners began adapting to the tastes of their new Italian and Irish customers. In fact, Joyce Chen, who invented potstickers with ground pork filling, was the first to notice her customers’ penchant for bread and begin serving it.