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The Unconventional Method To Prevent Cut Fruit From Browning
To preserve the integrity of fruit and prevent browning, steam blanching is a better option than blanching (which involves boiling the cut fruit). By using steam instead of hot water to flash-cook the fruit, the slices will retain their shape, texture, and color.
After steam blanching, the fruit will be ready to use for picture-perfect dehydrated fruit, open-face tarts, stewed fruit, and so much more. In order to steam blanch, you will need to use a double boiler or a large pot with a sieve to keep the fruit from coming into contact with the boiling water.
Once your cooking station is set up, simply bring the water to a boil, add the cut fruit in batches to the container above the hot water, and plunge the fruit into ice water after it has steamed for a minute or so. When the fruit has cooled, dry it off and use it or place it on a dehydrator tray.