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The Unconventional Ingredient That Will Change Your Grilled Cheese Forever
Grilled cheese purists may argue that the simple sandwich should consist of merely bread and cheese, but many others are turning the table on the classic comfort food. Chrissy Teigen reportedly adds parmesan and jalapenos, Antoni Porowski includes leeks and prosciutto and some home chefs use apples.
When the food blogger Feel Good Foodie posted a video in late 2021 of a grilled cheese made with peanut butter, jelly, and Gouda cheese, there were plenty of reactions. At first glance, cheese and peanut butter seem to be a less obvious pairing, but the combo plays with the same savory/sweet flavor pairing of a cheese board.
For those looking to really elevate their peanut butter and grilled cheese game, they can also go for an Elvis-style grilled cheese sandwich by adding bacon and banana. Whether adding just the peanut butter or opting for more adventurous additions, there's no wrong way to make a grilled cheese sandwich.