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The Unconventional Fruit To Try In Your Next Batch Of Salsa
Salsa is a versatile condiment that comes in many forms, from salsa fresca and chunky salsa to roasted, puréed, creamy, and fiery varieties. While adding fruits like mango, strawberry, and peaches into a batch of salsa is rather popular, there’s a special tropical fruit you should try that will add a hint of sweetness and a zesty bite.
Cape gooseberries are grape-sized fruits in the tomato family, with a mild flavor but a sweet, tangy, and tart kick that makes them a no-brainer addition to a salsa. To make a great salsa with cape gooseberries, treat them just like you would a tomatillo: Chop them up and add them to your batch raw, or char them first for a smoky note.
It’s important to note that cape gooseberries are toxic to humans if eaten unripe, so ensure they’ve ripened by checking if the husk of the fruit has dried out and lost its color. For an extra spicy-sweet kick, chef Claudette Zepeda suggests throwing these tiny orange fruits into your salsa alongside pineapple and habaneros.