Three freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are lying on a textured wooden background sprinkled with salt. There are loose chocolate chips and salt flakes scattered around the cookies. The chocolate in the cookies has melted leaving the biscuits gooey. Taken from overhead.
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The Unconventional Flour Alton Brown Uses For Chocolate Chip Cookies
There are plenty of flour alternatives in the market these days — like oat, almond, and even quinoa — to get creative with in your cookie recipes. Even celebrity chef Alton Brown swaps all-purpose flour with this unconventional choice to make his chocolate chip cookies — he uses bread flour instead.
In his recipe, aptly named “The Chewy,” Brown uses 12 ounces of bread flour, in addition to the usual brown sugar, vanilla, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. The bread flour won’t change the taste of your cookie, but it will add a more bendy, chewy texture that is a favorite among many cookie lovers.
The different types of flours affect the chewiness of cookies based on the amount of protein each one has, which ultimately dictates the level of elasticity and strength of the dough. While all-purpose flour has around 12% protein, bread flour, on the other hand, has slightly more at around 13%.