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The Unconventional Dressing To Give Your Wedge Salad A Zing
Salads always make for a great prelude to a main course, light enough to keep you hungry but full of bright flavors. A classic Caesar, Cobb, or Greek salad will never do you wrong, but none of these have the impressive presentation of a wedge salad, a hunk of iceberg lettuce adorned with finely-diced toppings and a drizzle of savory dressing.
Diced veggies, bacon bits, and/or cheese can be added to a wedge salad, and the classic dressings to use are ranch or blue cheese. However, honey mustard dressing may be an even better choice, with a sweet and spicy flavor that adds acidity and zing to your wedge salad, not to mention it's easy to make.
Make your own honey mustard dressing by adding vinegar, vegetable oil, honey, mustard, lemon juice, and black pepper to a jar or bottle; you can add mayo for a consistency that's more like a creamy ranch. Cover the container and shake well, then stick it in the fridge for about an hour before drizzling the dressing over your lettuce wedge.