Andrew Zimmern smiling
The Unconventional Crab Cake Toppings Andrew Zimmern Lives By
Crab cakes are traditionally served with toppings like lemon or a remoulade sauce, but chef Andrew Zimmern prefers a more unusual topping combo.
On his website, Zimmern states, “If you haven’t eaten a cold crab cake on toast with sliced tomato and Russian dressing, then you’re missing out.”
Russian dressing is made of ketchup, mayo, pimento peppers, chili sauce, and horseradish. The creamy, sugary, tangy, and slightly spicy sauce tastes great on crab cakes.
Tomatoes offer a sweet, acidic flavor and soft yet robust texture that contrast and compliment the crisp and meaty crab cakes. Fried green tomatoes offer a crunchier texture.
Roasting the tomatoes and allowing them to turn jammy and sweet would also be a nice way to work this ingredient into your crab cake dish.