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The Unconventional Condiment Alton Brown Says You Can Cook Steak With
It goes without saying that celebrity chef Alton Brown knows how to cook a steak, though he's also known for his inventive, out-of-the-box cooking methods rather than traditional ones. Brown has revealed that he uses an unconventional condiment to cook his steak, and his choice is a more flavorful substitute for butter or oil.
Brown told his Instagram followers that cooks can use mayo as the primary fat to cook steak. The New York Times agrees with the chef, explaining that when you “slather” mayo on each side of your steak, it works as both a cooking medium for a great crust and a wonderful marinade for the meat, imparting a pop acidic and rich flavor.
Mayo consists primarily of oil and eggs, and the protein from the egg contributes to the Maillard reaction, which is what creates the beautiful golden crust on a proper steak. Using mayo is a particularly good way to get a nice crust on thinner steaks without having to cook them for an extended period, which risks drying them out.