someone pouring milk into a cup of coffee
The Uncomplicated Gadgets To Froth Milk For Your Coffee Without Steam
Enjoying a frothy cappuccino or latte at home is easily achievable without expensive espresso machines or steamers.
Simple solutions like pump frothers or a French press can aerate milk to create creamy and foamy coffee drinks and make hot- or cold-frothed milk without much hassle.
Pump frothers are easy-to-use kitchen gadgets that create delicious milk foam for coffee beverages without the need for batteries or electricity.
They utilize a plunger-like insert with a mesh bottom to aerate the milk, but they are limited to only frothing milk and take up counter space.
You can utilize your French press coffee maker as a substitute for a pump frother to create frothy milk for your coffee, as they share a similar design and functionality.
Remember to clean the French press thoroughly before frothing, and be cautious of milk overflowing as there is no line to indicate the maximum amount of milk to add.
Like the pump frother, hold the lid in place and pump the plunger for anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two until you reach the desired level of frothiness.