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The Uncommon Fat You Should Use For Luxurious Holiday Potatoes
There are so many delicious holiday recipes out there, but your table only has room for so many dishes. One starchy side that is pretty much non-negligible for many cooks and diners is potatoes, and to turn your fried, roasted, or baked potatoes from ho-hum into truly spectacular holiday fare, seek out this fantastic cooking fat.
It’s an English tradition to have roast goose on Christmas, and much like duck, this bird drips out plenty of flavorful fat during cooking that shouldn't be wasted. Goose fat is one of the ultimate ways to give your potatoes a crispy exterior and an unforgettable meaty and savory flavor, and it even has less saturated fat than butter or beef fat.
Goose fat is light in color, solid when cold, spreadable when warm, and can be kept fresh for weeks in the refrigerator and even longer in the freezer. If you're not crazy about roasting your own goose and saving the fat, you can buy goose fat at specialty shops and online, but it does come with a bigger price tag compared to other options.