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The Unassuming Addition That Takes Scrambled Eggs To The Next Level
Eggs are the quintessential breakfast food item and considering they’re nutritious, cost-effective, and versatile, there’s no guilt in indulging in them every day. However, if you want to take your breakfast up a notch, try adding this ingredient for extra creamy, indulgent scrambled eggs.
According to Cook’s Illustrated, all you need for the richest and creamiest scrambled eggs is to add something you likely already have on hand: Extra egg yolks. You don’t need a lot of yolks either; it’s best to aim for one extra yolk for every four eggs. The extra egg yolks not only lead to a richer flavor but also a moister, fluffier texture.
When eggs are cooked, the proteins inside them begin to bond together, and the more the protein bonds, the tougher the eggs get. Adding extra yolks adds more fat and emulsifiers to the mix, which raises the temperature at which the proteins bond, meaning you’re less likely to overcook your eggs and more likely to enjoy a fluffy, moist scramble.