Glass of cider with apples, cranberries, and star of anise
The Unanticipated Liquor That Pairs Deliciously With Apple Cider
Hot drinks spiked with a healthy serving of booze are the perfect way to relax on a cold night, and if you want a refreshing take on hot cider, try adding this unexpected liquor.
Though hot cider is typically spiked with dark liquors like rum, bourbon, or even cinnamon-spiced Fireball, vodka makes an excellent alternative with a lighter flavor.
A traditional spiced apple cider can be cloyingly sweet or overpoweringly rich when paired with dark liquors. Vodka makes a more refreshing addition.
Vodka has a neutral taste with a slight astringent note that pairs well with tangy cider, resulting in a tart, crisp drink without an overwhelming alcohol flavor.
Pair your vodka apple cider with a squeeze of citrus like lemon or lime, or ginger to add a little seasonal spice without compromising the light flavor of the drink.