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The Umami-Packed Powder You Should Add To Creamy Dishes
Creamy dishes often use heavy cream or butter, but avocados, buttermilk, and creamy cheeses can also add richness to any dish. The problem is that neutral-tasting fatty ingredients can mask, dilute, or drown out flavors, so trying to seek out this umami-packed ingredient that adds extra flavor to creamy recipes with just a few tablespoons.
Mushroom powder consists of pulverized dried mushrooms, and is available in different varieties; like fresh mushrooms, this powder even has health benefits like inflammation reduction and disease prevention. Mushroom powder has a complex, earthy flavor that pairs well with fish, meats, veggies, and of course, creamy dishes.
Indigo Herbs suggests adding one or a few tablespoons of mushroom powder when you're sauteeing veggies or other ingredients that will become the flavor base of your creamy soup, sauce, or casserole. Adding the powder early will result in more pronounced flavors, and the powder also makes a great stand-in for fresh mushrooms.