Various types of mushrooms on a counter
The Ultimate Vegan Tip For A Masterful Meat Replacement? Shredded Mushrooms
Plant-based meat alternatives are becoming more popular, and if you want a less processed option, skip the store-bought imitation meat and turn to shredded mushrooms.
Mushrooms make an excellent meat alternative thanks to their hearty texture and savory flavor, and when cooked and shredded, they’re even more versatile.
When shredded, mushrooms mimic the taste and texture of tender pulled meat. Start by picking a mushroom that shreds easily, like lion’s mane, king trumpets, or king oysters.
Remove the stems, shred the mushrooms, and sauté in oil, then add your flavorings. A savory sauce is particularly effective, as the mushrooms will soak it up for tons of flavor.
To achieve a convincing texture like shredded meat, transfer your sautéed mushrooms to a baking pan and cook them further in the oven so the edges crisp up.
After shredding the mushrooms, you can use them in tons of meat-based dishes. Try using them as a base for veggie burgers when mashed with lentils or chickpeas.