red wine pouring into jug of cutted fruits. process of making red sangria
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The Types Of Wine You Should Avoid When Making Sangria
With warmer weather quickly approaching, there’s no better time than the present to start perfecting your spring and summer recipes, and nothing is better for a hot day than ice-cold sangria. Easy to make, loaded with fruit, and bursting with flavor, sangria is a no-brainer summer cocktail, but you have to be careful about what wine you choose.
Incorporating only wine, sugar, fruit, and liqueur, sangria relies on few ingredients yet results in a remarkably complex drink. That said, while red is the more traditional choice, white, rose, and even sparkling are all fair game, just opt for something high-quality but not too expensive as more nuanced flavors will be overpowered in the sangria.
In terms of wines to avoid, make sure to skip wine with any oakiness, which can clash with the fruity flavors of sangria, and avoid wines with a lot of tannins, which can turn bitter when chilled. Likewise, aromatic white wines and overly-sweet wines can overpower a sangria, and it’s best to avoid high-alcohol wines because of the liqueur already present in the recipe.