Salt cured ham and slices on tray. (Photo by: Edwin Remsburg/VW Pics via Getty Images)
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The Types Of Meat You Should Leave Uncovered When Salting Overnight
Salting meat ahead of time and letting it sit, also known as dry-brining, is a great way to impart extra flavor, juiciness, and tenderness to the meat. Dry-brining is generally easy to do, but different types of meat require different procedures, and there are some meats you should leave uncovered while brining for best results.
Chicken or turkey is best left uncovered when dry-brining overnight, in order to achieve a crispy, crusty, browned exterior; wrapping them will trap in moisture, and excess moisture is the enemy of crispy skin. Cuts of beef and rack of lamb are also best when dry-brined uncovered, if you plan to sear them and finish them in the oven.
Cuts are cooked low and slow like prime rib and brisket should also be uncovered when salting them overnight, which will lead to a better browned crust. On the other hand, lean roasts should be wrapped or covered when dry-brining, since they need to retain as much moisture as possible to avoid a tough and chewy end result.