Ina Garten laughing while holding a microphone.
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The Types Of Cocktail Recipes Ina Garten Can't Stand
One of Ina Garten's best tips for making cocktails isn't about the recipe, per se. The Barefoot Contessa knows a thing or two about hosting friends for drinks and it's this social aspect of drinking that influences her approach to making cocktails.
In a video posted to the Food Network's Youtube channel, Ina Garten cited her dislike of making cocktails one by one. "I hate recipes for cocktails one at a time," emphasized Garten, who ultimately prefers to batch-make her whiskey sours in a pitcher, even if it means all her guests are drinking the same thing.
No matter what kind of alcohol is in the pitcher, batch-made cocktails ultimately offer a fail-safe solution to satiating a large group of people, and the drink can still be customized for the occasion. "Because that's the whole point," Garten added. "You want to drink it with your friends."