Various glasses of wine and zodiac signs
The Type Of Wine You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
If Aries were any type of wine, they'd be cabernet sauvignon. One of the most popular wine varieties, they're stronger than its other rivals and full-bodied, just like Aries.
The wine is made from grapes with thick skin, which matches the characteristics of Aries. With aromatic notes like earth, oak, pepper, and spice, this variety is big and bold.
Taurus' wine would surely be one that is as consistent and reliable as they are — Chianti. This wine isn't too bold but appeals to those who like something smooth and stable.
Compared to a cabernet, Chianti is lighter, meaning they have less acid and fewer tannins, which correspond to a Taurus' chilled and levelheaded nature.
Bubbly, conversational, and curious, Geminis would definitely be Champagne, which is mainly characterized by being bubbly, sweet, light, sparkling, and airy.
Just like a Gemini, the party hasn't really started until this drink is there. Whether it's shaken and sprayed or popped and poured, nothing says "It's a celebration" like Champagne.
Cancer would surely be a moscato, which is light and sweet, just like them. It's great for beginners who, like this sign, don't have the palette for drier, more acidic wines.
Cancers tend to be soft and sensitive once you get past their wall. Similarly, moscato allows beginners to know more and more about wine and wine tasting over time.
Leos are known for their big personalities and what it means to live your best life. There's only one type of wine that corresponds to that ethos — a rosé.
"Rosé all day" is a saying this sign is sure to get behind. Rosé isn't just a pink summery drink, it's a lifestyle that's in line with Leos’ love for romanticizing their lives.