Keurig k-cup coffee maker with three k-cup pods
The Type Of Water Keurig Suggests For Cleaning And Brewing
Coffee is roughly 98% water, so it’s important to use the best water to get the best taste. For both brewing and cleaning, bottled water and spring water are your best options.
This is true for all coffee machines, including Keurigs. Steer clear of softened, distilled, or tap water, which may contain minerals that can shorten the life of your Keurig.
To keep your machine running well, Keurig instructs to fill the reservoir with bottled or spring water and run it through a cycle without inserting a K-cup.
Run as many cycles as it takes to completely empty the reservoir. Be sure to put a bowl or other large container beneath the spout to catch all the hot water as it dispenses.
To help remove buildup inside the machine, you can mix some white distilled vinegar into the water. You can also wash the removable parts in regular hot tap water with soap.
Keurig also recommends descaling your device every three to six months to remove mineral buildup. They sell their own name-brand descaler for $13.99 on the official website.