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The Type Of Vinegar You Should Avoid When Finishing Dishes
Vinegar is a great secret ingredient for bringing out the flavor of other foods, from waking up salads to finishing meat dishes with a punch. Red wine vinegar's sharpness is excellent in a salad dressing, and mellow malt vinegar works great as a finishing condiment, but not vinegars are good for adding to dishes last-minute.
Plain white vinegar has a sharp, borderline astringent quality, which can make it too overpowering for finishing dishes. It's excellent for pickling or adding tang when mixed into condiments, but doesn't add much depth on its own save for a very sharp tartness, so you're better off using a vinegar with more complexity.
Not to be confused with white vinegar, white wine vinegar can work with just about any type of food, and sherry and rice vinegar are also nice finishers if they blend well with the meal's flavor profile. Apple cider vinegar works excellent with meat and hearty dishes like stews, while red wine vinegar pairs well with vegetables.