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The Type Of Vinegar José Andrés Uses For Super Flavorful Gazpacho
A Spanish summer staple, gazpacho is a refreshing soup that's served cold and is made with a variety of fresh vegetables, blended with olive oil, and other zesty ingredients. However, according to the Michelin-starred chef, and restaurateur José Andrés, there's one vinegar that'll take any gazpacho to flavorful new heights.
"For the best flavor for the gazpacho, be sure to use a good Spanish sherry vinegar," Andrés said, "And you'll see that the oloroso sherry adds extra depth to the flavor." Made with the same grapes used to make sherry, the gourmet vinegar is aged in wooden casks following the solera system where younger batches of vinegar are blended with older batches.
As the grapes ferment, the bacteria turn the substance into sherry before alcohol and oxygen are transformed into acetic acid and water to form vinegar. Given that the wine vinegar is produced in much of the same way as sherry wine, it boasts similar tasting notes and is equally texturally rich, expressing similar nuances of nuts and spices.