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The Type Of Veggies You Should Keep Far Away From Your Garbage Disposal
Garbage disposals conveniently grind up food scraps to keep your trash cans from emitting foul odors, and even work to keep waste out of landfills. However, while your garbage disposal may be tough, it isn't invincible, there are plenty of items that shouldn't be washed down the drain for grinding, including these types of vegetables.
If you've been tossing fibrous veggies into your garbage disposal, it's in your best interest to nix this habit as soon as possible since they can potentially wreck your expensive device. Vegetables like "celery, pumpkin, lettuce, kale, artichokes, and asparagus" are stringy and can easily get tangled up around the blades of the disposal.
If you do end up jamming your garbage disposal, you can most likely fix it on your own. Once you've ensured that the power is off, use a flashlight to identify the problem, use a tool like pliers to pull all the bits of the vegetable from the blade, then turn the device on again — without your hands or tools anywhere near it, of course.