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The Type Of Salt Wolfgang Puck Absolutely Never Uses
When it comes to seasoning foods to perfection, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck has decided beliefs about the seasoning of all seasonings — salt. Seasoning properly is the key to good taste, which makes it vital to understand the difference between kosher, table, and sea salt — all of which have different textures and intended uses.
In an interview, Puck said that salt has come a long way in the world of cooking, and that he prefers using salts like sea salt, or fleur de sel, in his dishes. However, Puck also revealed there’s one type of salt he will not use — iodized salt — which he claims isn’t good for you and lacks flavor.
This doesn’t mean it’s time to toss your iodized salt; it can actually be good for you since it contains iodine, an element that the human body doesn’t produce, but is needed for the thyroid. Both iodized table salt and sea salt are good choices, but iodized salt will go bad after about five years, as opposed to regular salt, which has an indefinite shelf life.