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The Type Of Pastry Brush You May Want To Avoid
There are many types of pastry brushes to choose from, and while any brush can make tasks like brushing dough with sauce or painting croissants with egg wash much easier, not all are created equal. For best results when cooking and baking, one type of pastry brush should be avoided in favor of others.
Brightly-colored silicone pastry brushes may be visually appealing, but they are less than ideal for painting egg washes or other coatings onto baked goods. Since silicone doesn't absorb liquid well, coatings on your food will apply less evenly and more clumpy as the liquid slides right off of the rubbery material.
Pastry brushes with all-natural bristles or bristles made of nylon are much better options, and while they may be harder to clean, they aren't as expensive as silicone brushes and can easily be replaced. These kinds of brushes also brush away crumbs or swipe flour off of a surface more effectively than silicone models.