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The Type Of Oven Thermometer You Should Avoid At All Costs
Oven thermometers are essential kitchen tools that help you avoid underbaking foods or overbaking them, and can also let you know when your oven is preheated to the right temperature. However, some oven thermometers are more helpful than others, and when shopping for your own, avoid buying this type.
Dial thermometers are little devices that go inside the oven and record the temperature on a scale, but opening the oven to read the thermometer lets out 50 percent of the hot air, making for inaccurate readings. Martha Stewart adds that these thermometers are also slow to work, hard to read, and break down over time.
Martha Stewart recommends the ThermoWorks Square DOT, which has a probe to detect oven temperature every 15 minutes, with an easy-to-read digital screen that magnetically attaches to the outside of the oven, eliminating the need to open the door. You can even stick the probe right into the food if you're cooking meat.