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The Type Of Oil Martha Stewart Absolutely Never Uses
Oil is a necessity that all home cooks should keep on hand, not only to cook foods, but also to add flavor to dishes, as with garlic oil, chili oil, high-quality extra virgin olive oil, and more. However, one flavored oil that's rather trendy in restaurants has found an enemy in none other than celebrity chef Martha Stewart.
While talking with Today, Martha Stewart spoke out about how most truffle oils don't contain any real truffles at all. “Oh, I would never use truffle oil, oh never,” she said. “They’ve done many studies on truffle oil. It’s synthetic, it’s fake, it’s horrible. It clings to your tastebuds, it’s a hideous thing. Forget truffle oil.”
Truffle oil is a cheaper alternative to truffles, but what Stewart says is true: most oils on the market only have a fake truffle essence engineered with chemicals. For your truffle pasta, it may be best to splurge for the real deal, and don't be fooled into thinking a dish should be expensive because it uses truffle oil.