Deli meat platter from a wedding buffet, including ham, chicken/turkey, and roast beef. Other angles available.
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The Type Of Meat You Buy May Be Holding Up Your Deli Order
A stop by the deli counter is a must for many grocery shoppers, since cold cuts are versatile ingredients that can easily be turned into a meal, and maybe you can even order a sandwich to go. However, if you're in a real hurry and need to leave the store ASAP, some deli meats should be avoided when placing your order at the counter.
Saucy or spiced meats can take a while to slice at the deli, since their coatings can cling to the slicers and require additional cleaning to prevent cross-contamination and mixing of flavors. Expect to wait for anything sticky, such as buffalo chicken, barbecue turkey, or honey ham, or peppercorn-crusted, herby, and spice-rubbed meats.
If you’re willing to wait for these messier meats, but still want to speed things along at the counter, try taking a number (even if there are only a few others in line) to help streamline operations and avoid waiting any longer than you need to. Your order depends on not only your tastes, but the time you have on hand.