glass of whisky with ice, in a dark background.
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The Type Of Ice You Add To Bourbon Matters
Ice can be an essential ingredient when preparing a beverage and is often the difference between a cool, refreshing drink and a glass of room-temperature liquid that is less than satisfying. Ice is particularly important for alcoholic drinks; in fact, bourbon requires its own special ice, especially when you’re drinking it by itself.
What separates one ice cube from the next comes down to the size, density, and mold used to create it, which is important because the size of your ice is going to change the rate of dilution of your drink, and how quickly it gets cold. A large ice cube melts slower, while smaller ice cubes or crushed chips will quickly turn back to water.
Beau Williams, the owner of a restaurant that specializes in bourbon drinks, explained that while ice and water aren't going to ruin your bourbon experience, it is a whiskey that is meant to be savored. He recommends using a large solid piece of ice as it will melt slower and help bring out some of those bourbon flavors you know and love.