Sea Salt Cheese Fries-Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera
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The Type Of Fry That Works Best For Loaded Cheese Fries
Loaded cheese fries are comforting and delicious, and can be topped with bacon, chili, sour cream, or whatever else your heart desires to make them truly "loaded." However, just like with nachos, it can be disappointing to dig into your appetizer to find that all the toppings are sliding off, or the base has become too soggy.
You can avoid any potential cheese fry woes by using waffle fries instead of any other kind. These fries hold up the best when loaded with a lot of toppings, and provide a sturdy base that stays crisp, offers a great balance of potato flavor and other flavors, and has a lot of surface area and little holes for toppings to cling to.
Frozen waffle fries are an easy option for quick cheese fries, but you can also make your own waffle fries at home if you have a waffle fry cutter. Whether you hand-cut the fries yourself or opt for the store-bought version, your loaded cheese fries will be a successful and delicious endeavor when you use the sturdy waffle cut.