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The Type Of Fat Gordon Ramsay Loves For Sautéing Mushrooms
Fat plays an essential role in cooking, adding flavor, texture, and moisture to foods, not to mention fat is an important source of energy in a balanced diet. Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay loves cooking with this kind of fat that packs a savory punch, so you can get more flavor with just a few tablespoons.
According to Ramsay, the rendered fat from a seared duck breast makes the perfect base for a side of sautéed mushrooms. Duck fat's high smoke point makes it great for searing and sautéing and adds a delicious meaty flavor to mushrooms, potatoes, and other veggies, not to mention it's a thrifty use for leftover fat after cooking duck.
To give Ramsay’s recommendation a try, buy a duck and render the fat yourself by cutting off the skin and fat and frying it in a pan with water. You can also go the easier route and buy pre-packaged duck fat online; either way, this delectable fat can take the place of oil or butter in most savory recipes to make your cooking taste like a restaurant's.