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The Type Of Dough Alton Brown Always Keeps In His Kitchen
Alton Brown not only displays his unique cooking abilities on his show "Good Eats," but he also runs the Youtube series "Quarantine Quitchen," in which he pairs up with his wife to make recipes out of ordinary pantry staples. In his latest episode, Brown shared what kind of quick and easy pastry dough he keeps in his kitchen at all times.
During the webshow episode, which focuses on recipes for a tomato tart and cocktail brine, Brown uses store-bought frozen French puff pastry dough. The chef explains, "If you're going to keep one dough around, let it be puff pastry," especially the French variety, which is split into a trifold and easier to roll than the American puff pastry.
Not only is French puff pastry dough an excellent base for tarts due to its fluffy, buttery texture, but it only takes about 10 minutes to cook in the oven, making it lightning-fast compared to making your own crust. Just make sure to thaw the dough in its box the night before, and you’re all set for tarts, pot pie, palmiers, and more.