WASHINGTON, DC-May 13: Grilled Pound Cake With Rum-Scented Grilled Pineapple. (Photo by Scott Suchman/For the Washington Post)
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The Type Of Desserts That Turn Out Best On The Grill
Certain desserts lend themselves to specific cooking methods; for instance, meringues are cooked low and slow to prevent cracking. Other sweet treats benefit from an unexpected appliance that isn't the oven or stovetop: the grill, which coaxes out underlying flavors while heating desserts to hot, bubbling perfection.
Before choosing a dessert that is well-suited for the grill, you need to nail down the technique. You'll want to grill your dessert over indirect heat, which imitates the atmosphere of an oven; diffusing the heat and keeping your treats away from direct flames allows for even cooking without burning the outside of your dessert.
Lastly, you should grill desserts that are high in fat, like cobblers, bread pudding, pies, pound cakes, and brownies. Fat absorbs the grilled flavors and helps desserts cook more evenly, and it is also recommended to grill your dessert in a separate vessel like cast iron, and grease the vessel with butter to remove your dessert easily.