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The Type Of Crab Meat Ina Garten Recommends
Crab meat is prized for its delicious sweet and salty taste and tender texture, and it also contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12. Celebrity chef Ina Garten recommends this type of crab meat for your classic crab cakes and bisques, or for her special recipes such as crab and pea risotto.
Garten recommends using high-quality lump crab meat for use in entrees. She does use shredded crab for some of her dishes, but warns that "it won't have the best taste that this [lump crab meat] does." Lump crab is best to buy during its peak season, which usually runs from March to November.
In one video from Food Network, Garten uses lump crab meat for delicious-looking nachos. The cooking star says that the crab adds a nice bite to the recipe, which makes use of melted cheese, chile peppers, and homemade salsa, and she always reminds us that lump crab is "a little more expensive, but it's worth it."