Chocolate chip cookies falling in the air on a pink background
The Type Of Cookie You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
It's fitting that Aries starts off the zodiac calendar first because they seem to want to be first in every other aspect of their lives, too.
That's why, if the Aries were any type of cookie, they'd be America's favorite: the chocolate chip cookie, with its combination of chewy and crunchy textures and delicious flavors.
Tauruses work hard, but they chill way harder. They love to indulge in the things that make them feel good, and their cookie does the same.
The double chocolate chip cookie represents both Taurus' earthy nature and indulgent side, thanks to the addition of cocoa powder and rich chocolate batter.
Gemini, unfairly labeled as two-faced, is vibrant and curious. Their cookie is the Oreo, reflecting their desire to be in two places at once due to busy schedules.
Geminis would eat Oreos the way that's the most fun — the way you probably ate them as a kid — splitting them in half and licking the icing first.
True homebodies, Cancers are all about prioritizing comfort, which extends to their cookie: peanut butter thumbprint cookies with strawberry jam.
The smell of warm cookies in the oven is enough comfort on its own, but when you add two iconic comfort foods — peanut butter and jelly — into the mix, they become extra cozy.
Leo is a charismatic sign known for living lavishly, which would more than likely include Italy — so, naturally, this sign's cookie is the Italian lemon cookie.
Just like the Leo, these cookies' bright lemon flavor is as infectious as their enthusiasm for life. One bite and you have all the Vitamin D you could need.