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The Type Of Cheese You Should Be Careful Refrigerating
France is home to over 1,600 different varieties of cheese, and while cheeses differ from region to region, creamy and rich brie and camembert are popular worldwide. While all cheeses deserve to be stored correctly so they stay at their best for the longest time possible, the fridge isn't the best option for some creamy cheeses.
Camembert and brie are double or triple creme cheeses, meaning they're made entirely from cow's milk and have a butterfat content between 60% to 75%. Cold temperatures mute the characteristics of these cheeses and can damage their flavor and texture, so whole wheels should be stored and enjoyed at room temperature.
However, if the rind of the cheese has been cut into, meaning the interior is exposed, the cheese needs to be moved to the fridge. Rinds protect the cheese, so once you've cut into the wheel, you should keep it chilled, but still take a slice out and let it come to room temperature before eating for the best flavor and texture.