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The Type Of Canned Tomatoes That Hold Up Best In Simmering Sauces
Believe it or not, canned tomatoes are often better than fresh ones. Canned tomatoes are packaged at peak ripeness and often have more nutrients than fresh tomatoes, which are harvested underripe for easier storage and then artificially ripened; however, some canned tomatoes are still better than others for sauces.
Whether you are cooking up a big pot of meatballs or a simple marinara, you want tomatoes with a full flavor that will break down easily into a nice, smooth sauce. Whole peeled tomatoes offer the ideal flavor and consistency, since they actually break down easier than diced tomatoes and are less processed than other styles.
Whole peeled tomatoes can be diced, puréed, and more, making them very versatile, and unlike canned puréed or crushed tomatoes, whole tomatoes are not cooked before canning. Their fresh, neutral flavor allows you to season your sauce however you like and cook it for as long as you need, with no risk of overcooking.