Types of bread and zodiac signs
The Type Of Bread You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Known for their competitiveness and straightforwardness, Aries is represented by the ram and would be arguably the most iconic type of bread of all: the French baguette.
No other bread can say it's a symbol of an entire country, nor that it's protected under the UNESCO cultural heritage list. The baguette has become a staple of every bakery.
Since Tauruses are known to be reliable, calming, and grounded people, they would be a bread that everyone can turn to, such as Schar's gluten-free, artisan white bread.
White bread is the most universal, and having it be a gluten-free version means everyone can safely enjoy it without worrying about digestive consequences.
While Geminis have a mixed reputation, their communication skills often bring people together. As such, they would be the traditional Ethiopian bread, injera.
You typically tear off the soft, spongey injera by hand and dip it into a stew while enjoying the company and conversation of the people around you.
Like the crabs they're represented by, Cancers are homebodies and prefer staying where they feel safe. They enjoy comfort foods, making them a perfect fit as cornbread.
Whether sweet, savory, moist, or crumbly, cornbread is good served on its own or with chili, making the comfort food perfect for any occasion.
A Leo lives life to the fullest with a sunny deposition and positive energy that rubs off on others. They are a summer sign and would be the Jamaican bammy bread.
The hearty bread is perfect for soaking up the flavors of Jamaica's fresh seafood cuisine and has been a staple across the Caribbean and South America for generations.