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The Type Of Alcohol Gen Z Pours The Most Of
Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University, describes Gen Z as "more risk-averse than previous generations in terms of attitudes and [behavior]." This may explain why Gen Z is less inclined towards drinking, according to the Financial Post, but this generation does favor a certain type of alcohol.
According to the Annual Drizly Consumer Trend Report, red wine is the beverage that will see higher and higher sales amongst one of America's youngest generations. Results of the report also show that Gen Z favors red wine more than Gen X and Boomers, but Gen Z likely enjoys this drink for different reasons than their elders do.
Wine Enthusiast notes that the wine industry is tied to history and tradition, but Gen Z is "excited about co-fermentation methods, lesser-known wine regions, and varieties, and brands that align with their values." Gen Z likes wine that is modern and novel, so if the industry wants to ride this wave of popularity, it needs to keep up with the times.