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The Tuscan-Jewish Variation Of Fried Chicken You Should Know
Fried chicken is a beloved food around the globe, with regional variations including Japan’s karaage, Ukraine’s Chicken Kiev, and America’s multiple fried chicken restaurant chains. However, if you want to try a more unique and lesser-known fried chicken style, get familiar with this dish that comes from Italy’s vibrant Jewish diaspora.
At New York City’s Beppes restaurant, chef and food writer Daniel Gritzer worked as a sous chef under Cesare Casella, who was famous for his tangy and pungent fried chicken. Gritzer researched Casella’s home region of Tuscany, the origin of the chicken, and discovered the recipe’s connection to the Jewish community there.
Casella's fried chicken, called "pollo fritto per Chanukkà," is a Hanukkah staple for the Tuscan-Jewish community, alongside latkes, fritters, schnitzel, and more. Prepared with lemon juice, garlic, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this delicious chicken follows the tradition of eating foods cooked with oil on Hanukkah, in celebration of the holiday's origins.