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The Truth About The Gas Stove Ban
As it turns out, small changes might have the biggest impacts as well as major pushbacks when it comes to building a more environmentally friendly world. While it might seem like a small deal to swap out a gas range for an electric stove, there have been mixed responses to California’s ban on gas stoves.
California’s gas stove ban is fairly limited in scope, only banning the installation of gas stoves in new construction. The ban is an effort to reduce harmful greenhouse gasses to zero by 2023 in response to reports that buildings in the state of California create 43% of greenhouse gas emissions and 25% of emissions overall.
However, there has been some pushback, particularly by chefs who prefer cooking with a gas range because the temperature is easier to control. In Berkeley, where the ban originated, litigation is still underway after the California Restaurant Association tried to block the ban with a lawsuit citing the cost of replacing appliances and menus that rely on gas cooking methods.