Marinated ribs on wooden board
The Triple-Dip Marinating Method For The Tastiest Meats
Chef Paul Kahan has a special BBQ technique that involves dipping the meat in a marinade over the course of grilling, rather than just letting it soak before cooking.
Although Kahan recommends dipping the meat at least three times, there's no limit. As the chef explained, "The secret is to dip them in the marinade every few minutes."
Kahan prefers to dip the meat in marinade as many times as possible for optimal flavor, but since there are some risks to the technique, you have to be cautious.
It can be dangerous to handle raw meat and marinade that's had contact with it, so Kahan splits his marinade into three parts. He uses two thirds to marinate the meat prior to grilling.
After marinating, remove your meat and heat the leftover marinade over the stove until it comes to a boil. Simmer for a few minutes to kill any bacteria that may be present.
Splitting the marinade into parts helps prevent any foodborne illnesses, since the last marinade “dip” is unused and therefore uncontaminated with any bacteria from raw meat.
This way, your finished meal has no bacteria in it. Kahan also recommends using a sugar-heavy marinade to achieve maximum caramelization while grilling.