A person's hand gripping the door handle of a microwave
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The Trick To Silence Microwave Beeps And Reheat Leftovers In Peace
If you're tired, hungry, and need to microwave food, you're not in the mood to hear it loudly beep or play a high-pitched musical tune. Luckily, we know how to skip all that noise.
While some microwaves cannot be silenced, most digital models have settings that let you mute them. Firstly, see if there's a simple mute function on the microwave's control panel.
Your microwave's mute setting may show up as a secondary option if you press a button labeled “sound” or something similar. If you have no luck, there's another possible leeway.
Try holding down the microwave's 1, 2, 0, or stop/cancel button. A beep will indicate that it’s been muted, or less fortunately, you might turn on a child safety lock.
To get out of a safety lock, hold down the button that activated it in the first place. As a last resort, you can look up your microwave's manual by searching for its model number.