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The Trick To Reducing Oven Time For Ribs
There are plenty of ways to make ribs, from dry-rubbed ribs seasoned with herbs or wet-marinated ribs soaked in rich sauces, but pretty much all rib recipes require a big time commitment. Luckily, there’s one trick that can help you cook your ribs faster in the oven, and all you need is aluminum foil.
Wrapping your ribs in foil speeds up the cooking process by trapping in moisture and heat, and you’ll not only be rewarded with ribs on your dinner table earlier, but there are some other benefits to this method. Tuscon explains that aluminum foil creates a cooking environment similar to braising, making the ribs more tender.
Southern Living says that when using foil, it will take about 98 minutes to cook your ribs: 30 minutes in the oven by themselves, an hour in the oven with a braising liquid, and 8 minutes under the broiler. You can also finish the ribs on the grill while they're still wrapped in foil, which allows the sauce to sink into the meat.