close up of a pan of golden swiss rosti fried potato pancake
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The Trick To Prevent Potato Rösti From Falling Apart
Potato rösti is a Swiss breakfast staple that some consider to be the country's national dish. These shredded potato pancakes are simple and delicious, not to mention beautiful-looking, but if the rösti falls apart, you lose all of its visual appeal — keep this tip in mind so you can cook perfectly-shaped, intact rösti with no crumbling.
The trick to perfect rösti is to not rinse the potatoes after you shred or chop them, because you'll wash away the starch, which is what binds the potatoes together and helps the rösti keep its shape while cooking. Don't pat your shredded potatoes dry, either, since their natural water content helps to steam the rösti while cooking.
Additionally, try covering the pan with a plate and inverting it to flip the rösti, rather than using a spatula, then re-grease the pan before gently sliding the rösti back in with the uncooked side down. Make sure to cover the pan during the second half of the cooking time, and the result should be a perfectly-formed potato pancake.