Bundle of young organic garden beetroot over white marble background. Flat lay. space. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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The Trick To Prevent Beets From 'Bleeding' When Cooking
If you’ve looked at your bright red hands after preparing beets, you probably wonder if that’s where their vibrant color has gone. Beets taste great when boiled, which retains plenty of their moisture and sweetness, but this method can cause them to "bleed" their color, which can be prevented with one simple ingredient.
Whether they're red, yellow, or another bright hue, the color of beets is eye-catching and makes them look fresh and appealing. To make sure you don't waste any of that color (and to save yourself some hand-washing), The Spruce Eats recommends adding a tablespoon of lemon or vinegar to the boiling water before you cook your sliced beets.
Pants Down, Aprons Up explains that vinegar helps the pigments in beets stay bright. Plus, the earthy root sweetness of beets pairs well with the acidity of vinegar or lemon, elevating the flavors and creating a balanced, visually appealing dish that everyone will want to sink their teeth into.