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The Trick To Making An Egg Yolk Omelet
Omelets made with only egg yolks and no egg whites are rising in popularity due to their extra-rich flavor, but since egg whites provide lightness and fluffiness to dishes, egg yolks omelets often turn out flat. If you want an egg yolk omelet that doesn't look like a thin, limp crepe, try adding something extra to your yolks.
Simply beating egg yolks and cooking the mixture in a pan results in a flat, thin omelet, while mixing the yolks in a blender adds air, but creates a tough, chewy consistency. Instead, whisk four egg yolks with two tablespoons of water to dilute some of the richness, giving the omelet more volume and less chewiness.
Since egg whites are mostly water and provide moisture to an omelet, it makes sense to add water back into your egg yolks if you're going to get rid of the whites. You can also use milk in place of water, but either way, thinning out your egg yolk mixture with a neutral liquid is the best way to get a less-flat omelet.