Grilled portions of salmon and green asparagus with lemon slices and herbs, top view
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The Trick To Make Sure A Piece Of Uneven Fish Cooks Perfectly
Since most fish filets have thinner sections that completely cook through before the thicker centers even start heating up, it can be tough to cook them evenly.
This can be avoided by scoring and folding your fish, which will allow the entire cut to cook evenly. All you need is a sharp paring knife and some careful cutting.
Score the piece of fish with a horizontal incision near the thinner part of the flesh, being careful not to cut all the way through. Then, fold the tail end under the thicker part.
Now, the entire filet has the same amount of thickness all around, and it can be cooked perfectly. Make sure to remove the skin from the fish when attempting this trick.
With the skin attached, the fish is less flexible and unable to fold easily, and the skin won't cook properly when folded up inside the fish, turning it slimy and unpleasant.
This technique works great with most types of fish, but varieties like snapper and salmon tend to work best, as these filets almost always have thin ends that are easier to fold.