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The Trick to Keeping Fruit On Top Of A Cake While It Bakes
Fruit can be a tasty addition to cake, but success isn't as easy as tossing a few chunks into your batter. Fruit often sinks to the bottom of cakes and other baked goods; celebrity chef Mary Berry explains that not only is fruit heavier than the batter surrounding it, but the moisture in some fruits makes them slippery.
To prevent your fruit from sinking, pastry chef @austrianwithwuff suggests dipping the bottoms of your fruit into flour, which allows them to adhere to the surface of the batter and stay in place. If your cake batter is very runny, Mary Berry suggests mixing in ground almonds to make it thicker and sturdier.
Also, Madhurum's Eggless Cooking recommends cutting fruit into smaller pieces for a better weight distribution overall. And if you're using dried or candied fruits instead of fresh ones, make sure to fully coat them in flour, rather than just dusting the bottoms, since they can be sticky.