Quiche Lorraine in a white dish
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The Trick To Get Veggies In Every Bite Of Quiche
It can be challenging to evenly distribute vegetables throughout a quiche, especially when the fillings tend to clump up and make certain parts more vegetable-heavy.
There's one easy fix to get your veggies into every bite of quiche. Simply spread out your prepared veggies onto your crust before you pour in the liquid eggs.
Think of your vegetable mixture less as a filling and more as a starting point. Laying your veggies on the crust creates an even layer, with no veg-heavy pockets or empty spaces.
Cheese makes the veggies stay in place even better, so you can add your favorite cheese to the crust along with your greens and use a spatula to spread them out evenly.
Make sure to pre-cook your vegetables, such as sautéing or roasting them, before adding them to the crust. This will ensure that the quiche cooks quickly and evenly.
Once you're satisfied with your vegetable layer, go ahead and pour in your egg mixture as the last step. You now have a quiche with a perfect egg-to-vegetable ratio in every slice.