A hard-boiled egg on a spoon
The Trick To Easily Peel A Cold Hard-Boiled Egg
To achieve perfectly peeled boiled eggs straight from the fridge, utilize thermal shock, which involves exposing the boiled eggs to rapid temperature changes.
This change creates a tiny space between the membrane and the shell inside the egg. This separation is what ultimately makes the peeling process a breeze.
This approach is commonly used on hot, freshly boiled eggs, which are immediately transferred to a bowl of ice water, but can also be used when going from cold to hot.
Begin by placing the hard-boiled eggs from the fridge into a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. As the hot water heats the eggs, the membrane inside the eggs should separate.
Then, use a bowl of cooler water to easily peel the eggs underwater. This will help separate the membrane from the shell while washing away pieces of the shell.